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While I'm an experienced educator, I'm also a Senior Creative.
I've found it to be a valuable combination. You can't teach so well if you don't have current industry experience, and if you've learned enough to carve out a career in a field you're passionate about, then you can't wait to share all that research, knowledge and experience with others. I've over 15 years experience juggling projects, working to brief and to deadline, for a variety of renowned organisations, including Disney Star Wars™, Oxford University Press, NASA, Clintons, New Look, NEXT, Mothercare, Ravensburger and Tesco. I'm always interested in the next challenging and rewarding project though, so get in touch if you'd like my help with yours.

Art, Design & Media

I love to develop streamlined artwork pipelines for the generation and development of concepts, from pencil sketch to commercial delivery.
So if you need 2D or 3D corporate, editorial and book illustration, get in touch. If you need textbook cartoons or print design, brochures, posters, flyers, front-end website design or engaging character design, I'm on it.

I'm always interested in challenging and rewarding projects, so get in touch if you'd like my help with yours.

fubar business card call me 809x468 tm

If it's Fine Art, Illustration or Design, I can handle it. For print and digital. Being both a Creative and an Educator makes my personal "branding" a little trickier, but I find my various disciplines complement each other wonderfully.

Multi-disciplinary proficiency doesn't just give me the edge over my competitors, it also gives me a unique perspective on creative projects, as well as the ability to work effectively with teammates.

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