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  • How to Turn a Photo in to a Painting

    There are many ways to do this but this Photoshop recipe gives some fairly convincing results.

    1) Big 300 dpi+ image is required.
    2) Reduce Noise using tom's settings (see the relevant action).
    3) Go for one of three kinds of paint effects (I guess you might try mixing them but that's harder to […]

  • How to Use Corel Painter with Minimal Effort

    Written for Painter X and getting more comprehensive as I gather information.
    Includes my Top Ten fave Painter shortcuts.

    Top Ten Most Useful Shortcuts:
    1) Rotate/Move canvas
    Hold down the space bar on your keyboard, the hand cursor shows up, this lets you move the canvas around.
    If you then also hold down th […]

  • How to Burn CDs and DVDs on a Mac

    Only on a Mac, using Toast 5 or above.
    Not an extensive tutorial, just some handy tips.

    1) If backing up, ZIP the files (right click and choose 'Create Archive...") and/or make the files in to a 'disc image' first (using Toast).
    2) Burn SLOW.
    3) Use CLEAN, unscratched blank discs.
    4) […]

  • How To Knock Out the White from an Artwork

    Several techniques explained.

    There are several methods for this, each suited to different purpose.
    Here I shall outline briefly each, starting with the one I use most myself- the Extract Filter.
    1) The Extract Filter
    This filter […]

  • How to Use Gradient Maps

    Four techniques for using Photoshop's obscure "Gradient Maps" feature to create amazing art!

    There are currently 4 ways I know to to use gradient maps to enhance your work in Photoshop CS3:
    1) Contrast limits in Textile shading layers.
    2) Colouring modeling.
    3) Separations within an image (ma […]

  • Photoshop CS3 Training Module 2: Non-Destructive Editing

    My very rough notes from a training session with Silicon Beach Training in Brighton (23 6 2011).

    Main Topics:
    Layer Masks
    Adjustment Layers
    Smart Objects
    Smart Filters (Including Filter Masks)
    Retouching in a Separate Layer
    Layer Masks:
    1) Command + Alt and click on the add mask icon at the botto […]

  • How to Paint Like Bobby Chiu

    If you know the man you'll be fan.
    Learn how Canadian art jedi Bobby creates his fantastic creature and character designs.

    Bobby Chiu is a Canadian artist who works in both natural media and digital.
    He now works predominantly digitally though, typically producing digital paintings of somewhat cartoony fantasy creatures i […]

  • My YouTube Channel

    Where you'll find tutorial video content and sundry other items of interest.

    List training videos available.

  • Painter Movie Tutorial

    How to record your painting sessions for playback on YouTube, etc.

    Add content here.

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