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How to Burn CDs and DVDs on a Mac

1) If backing up, ZIP the files (right click and choose 'Create Archive...") and/or make the files in to a 'disc image' first (using Toast).

2) Burn SLOW.

3) Use CLEAN, unscratched blank discs.

4) Do not have any other apps running while burning and, if poss, don't use the Mac at all while burning, perhaps even burn after a clean restart.

5) Do not use all the available space, leave some spare- your disc may say it's got 4.7Gb but the most it can fit on is sometimes a low as 4.2Gb.

6) Get more RAM in to your Mac!

7) Make sure 'Buffer Underrun Protection' is enabled.

8) Do not allow HD or screen to sleep while burning a disc.

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