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return top top icon I'm a proficient addict of Flash, and have been for many years now.
Ask if you'd like to see examples. No animation?- You need Flash player 6 or later .

education book cover

return top top icon Book jacket design.
Click the image (which includes 3D work) to view.
Effectively a total rebranding of the company's range, this has yet to hit the shelves so I've removed any identifying marks.

return top top icon Poster design.
Click for a larger image.
It's a combination of hand-drawing and Photoshop.
I also produced this 16 page guide to the event.

image of a poster

return top top icon Form and other document design, all in Quark or InDesign. image of some forms and documents
return top top icon Natural media (oil painting).
It's surprising how often it's quicker and easier to just paint the image you need from scratch before fine tuning in Photoshop, or adding diagrammatic content and text in Illustrator.

painting of a businessman at a resturant table
return top top icon Cartoons; any style, any subject.

cartoon about gambling

return top top icon Photoshop Illustration.
Though the numerous books I've worked on for this client so far are not my copyright, this jokey test-piece is a fair sample. I have to reflect faithfully the style of the two previous artists, replicating all the colours, textures, brush-styles and layer effects.

return top top icon Photographic Restoration.
Click the image for the detailed view. It's amazing quite how far gone a photographic image can be yet still be reclaimed.
Burning, watermarks, dust & scratches, all gone!

photograph of small girl demonstrating photo restoration

return top top icon Character designs for the Society of Young Publishers. manga style illustration of 3 young publishers
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